Just wanted to make my first post before I head out to the garden and forget what I was going to do for today, Lol .. Thank You to the staff and community for making a fine place to hang out. I'm looking forward to getting a chance to grow together with you as a community with a great cause. Can't wait to meet some new friends reacquaint with some of the old and reap the Information from quality genetics breeders and there apprentaces "minus the bull donkey" that ruins the spirit of what should be fun learning and sharing knowledge of MJ. I have been growing for 35 yrs now and thought I knew a lot well, Not. There was so much more to the methods and madness that I have witnessed from the greenies and the pro's I would not have believed myself had it not been proven in a forum and backed up by my actually trying some myself. I would like to add a special Thanks to Sub and Mz Jill personally for just plain ole being 2 of the greatest people on this planet treating me like family when I was down, I luv you guys!!! Thank You ) ,,T.H.C.