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    Thread: Sticky's Fan Leaf Trimming Method (for SCROG)

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      Sticky Lungs
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      Post Sticky's Fan Leaf Trimming Method (for SCROG)

      Many people wonder, "Should I trim this fan leaf or leave it on?" Well, if you're growing SCRog method, I'm here to tell you...trim it off. BUT...follow this method for results that make the trimming worthwhile.

      After you have vegged your plants into your screen, and the 12/12 schedule has been implimented, remove any obvious fan leaves that are blocking good bud sites. I like to do this over the course of a few days, so as to not go ''SCISSOR CRAZY"... worste case scenario, you leave a Fan leaf alone for a few more days, and it makes energy for the plant. Any bud sites that are small and towards the bottom should probably be removed anyway, but there are some that are left on and are still short...for these their time will come, but for now, just get the obvious leaves.

      Week 2, by now you've removed about 5-10% of the fan leaves. Also by now, the budsites should be showing themselves like intoxicated college aged girls at mardi gras. This is great, because it helps you decide which buds are going to be your "favorites", meaning which ones your are going to cater to...since scrog is about yeild in an isolated area, some buds should be bigger than others so your yeild can max out. (I hope that made sense, if not, just keep going and you'll see) LEAVE EVERY LEAF ON YOUR FAVORITE BUDSITES/GROWTH SHOOTS!!! If a leaf is blocking another budsite, clip the last half of the leaf off leaving a leaf sticking out of a stem/bud that has the last half of it cut off.
      So what you should end up with after pruning at week two is
      1) As many budsites getting direct light as possible with
      2) Your favorite budsites having all of their leaves on, but maybe some of them trimmed in half (length wise)

      At week 3, trim any more fan leaves on the top of the canopy that are blocking a bud.

      Here is where this method pays off, and if you dont think it will, try it, you'll see...

      At week 4, trim most every fan leaf (most means the leaves that are blocking the light from reaching the lower parts of your canopy) on the top 2 nodes of the budsites. This INCLUDES your "favorite" budsites. Once again, leave the leafs that are coming out of the buds on, just cut their length...but take off the first two sets of fan leaves.
      You should be left with some "well defined" budsites, which have the leaves coming out of the buds, fan leaves trimmed off of the first (top) 2 nodes, and all the fan leaves on the nodes below STILL ON THE STEMS. Here is an example of a scrog following this method at day 33 flowering

      Week 5, take another set of fan leaves off of every stem/budsite.
      Week 6, take them all off except the last node...

      This is just my method, you might want to adjust the number of nodes you remove fan leaves from at week 5, depending on the height of your canopy.

      The way this method works is allowing the top of each budsite to grow at a fast rate, by trimming and exposing as many budsites as possible. Once the stems have built a nice looking bud for a few weeks, the leaves protruding from the buds will take over and do the dirty work, since they are now exposed from removing a layer of fan leaves. So once again, give the top a jump start and leave most of its foilage on for a few weeks, then trim it off and let what new growth it has developed do the work, while you give the lower portions direct exposure to sunlight, allowing them to build a nice budlet, then trimming off the fan leaves and exposing more budsites down the nodes of the stem...

      I think everybody growing scrog will find this extremely helpful, as I, Sticky Lungs, have answered the age old question, To trim or not to Trim (for scroggers anyway!) On a Final note, you know the say a little dab will do ya, or a little bit of that goes a long way? This is true for this method...sometimes its just a few leaves that you should remove to max out your efficiency (when growing LST style, this is particularly true, as You dont need to remove but the leaves that shade the interior of your plant), and sometimes its most of the big leaves...it is not, however, all fan leaves on the plant. You will hurt your plant by doing this, and it will not catch up in time for harvest I promise.
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