Good Evening,
Welcome to the lab time to replicate my two girls yes that's correct Planted 2 seeds and got 2 females I am pretty sure I haven't started sexing these yet but I can absolutely call one a female as I can see female pistils on one node. The second plant I am almost positive but there organs are damn small at this age even with a 10X loop. I see what I am sure is a female but what I don't see is that crab claw that indicates a male so early.

Hoping I am right Jill has suggested the names Mary and Jane. I cannot be sure about Mary but Jane is a Girl. I just looked again as I am typing this up and I can't tell any more today.

So like day 32 and in the next day or so I will be budding these, normally plants from seed tend to do some legging and if I don't account for this I will have to raise my lights to high. So time to take some cuts.

Snip Snip and we take some nice lowers cut at an angle like a spear and dip into our rooting solution. I like to use Vita Root it's cheap and works as well as any if not better.
I like to use the cubes upside down so I use a plastic pen to make a hole in the rapid rooter and then slide the clone gently and snugly down into the rooter. This can be a pain in the ass but just use your fingers to spread the rooter apart.

Jill like to get at last one node in the rooter I don't think it matters but every little bit helps right? Tag your it and into the dome they go. Our domes are just opaque shoe boxes from wallmart stacked one atop the other. Cheap and easy to replace, just a few more snips and were rocking and rolling at 77 degrees.

Common Mary!