heres a cross i did sometime ago, Black domina X Deep Chunk. the mother was a grape plant, with very strong grape aromas and taste. the cross was meant to come up with grape DC.

at the time i ended up givin most all the stock out. was interested in the cross so i sent all remainin stock short of seconds and a few good beans to him to work on.

did get a bit of feedback from growers, and while the plants grew great, and the buds had nice color, the resultin smoke off the vine wasnt very impressive, so i put the project on the back burner. as time went on the peeps that did grow um out, came back and commented that the smoke was improvin in the jar(potentcy). that it was a nice smoke, with potentcy up around 7.

so my interest in the line picked up, and shot out a call to get some of the original F1 seed back. which to my amazement a few friends returned the seed, injun giver right, lol.

meduser found a nice big yieldin plant, that turned out great as far as potentcy and yields much better then the DC. he has passed the cut around and the followin thread sheds some light on the cut thats around.