Dannyboy x Space Queen

Lost in space! When the list of new gear was shipped out this one got stuck in a pouch with the Ozzy and the pack was sent later so it just arrived I was befuddled cause BB sent me the list but between naming em all deciphering HG's massive photo shoot he sent down I just waited for Dr Bob to let me know they arrived. The silly part is I have had so many request for Ozzy I had em resent today so there is lots of the Dark one in stock now.

There is a glitch in the site that is being repaired and not all strains are showing up if you don't see what you want contact cannaseur

When Team Canada tested Dannyboy they ended up with like 12 females. From these the best female was selected and she is HUGE dripping with Cherry resin but much larger than the best Phenotype I found. That is one thing I have found the most rewarding about breeding is actually improving a line and the sibling crosses being actually better than the parents at times. This may just be the case with Dannyboy as every single person that has grown/smoked her simply loves the remarkable and unmistakable cherry flavor. We have created a limited number of crosses using Spacedude, if you follow our work we know that our Spacequeen male candies up strains and adds a bit of cherry or mango taste to his kids. This is a cross I did not think up simply because I am very busy and I didn't get to see this amazing DB pheno in person.

Large Marge

When BB received the first load of pollen from sq he knew from my descriptions of the male he wanted these two to meet. This strain has not been run and all pictures are of the Mother Dannyboy plant with the Spacequeens I have absolutely no doubts about the crosses and stand behind them 100%. I make this clear because we went to a lot of trouble to run the 123 crosses so we could assure potency and flavor in several of the sibling crosses. We did it again peeps there all very nice so we have a huge selection now for all people on earth just please don't ask me what strains I recommend now...

Sativa Indica Hybrid and based on the parents this will be another very rapid finisher with large amounts of resin and a dense cherry/fruit smell this is a strain where the male will absolutely boost potency but in a larger ratio of female reduce the total yield of the strain. You guys that are such fans of Dannyboy well do I have something for you guys!!
The phenos will mostly be a nice short fat bush but expect some of that Space Queen Sativa to shine on through and you will uncover females with thinner leaf shape and starting with only 3 till its fairly mature. This will be the elite dank we strive to make. The perfect follow up would be Danielle with Space Queen but I am speaking theoretically we are believe it or not working on stream lining the offerings so good data from you guys is essential.

Let me know how the new gear performs in Hydro out doors and in any environment.