Well, it was a slow start but damn, the pics got sooo good that Poor Danny had to take extra days to come to the final decision and i can see why too.

So, who is going to be the proud owner of one of these really exclusive bound copies of High Times issues, so thats 12 Issues 6 with Subcool articles and 6 with Dna articles.. And your pic will be featured in the Crop Pics at Hightimes, how cool is that..

Additionally BreedBaY are throwing in a selection of Subcool Seeds for 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes.

As Judged by Danny Danko

1st prize goes to

White Trash Redneck with this awesome pic of seeded purple Indica

Well done indeed...

2nd Prize goes to

S.Searcher with this juicy Verry Berry Suprise Purple Resin Shot . again well done...

And Finally the Final 3rd place Prize goes to

Blatant , with this extraordinary pic of Black Kush, whic i personally think is ace.. well done..

So, dont forget Pm Doc Bob with your safe addy so we can get out the seeds to you, we will also pass the 1st place addy onto Danny so he can organise sending you your Binder.

( id just like to add WTR, that you are now off my xmas card list , as i want one of these bound copies and cant get one for love nor money..lol)

To anyone that entered and didnt win, dont be sad, as you know we will have another awsome contest really soon, especially now we have seen the level of high quality dank some of you are hiding away... Thankyou all for taking the time to enter.