Dear Hammer,

Two weeks ago we told you about the new Rockefeller reform bill, A. 8098, passing the state Assembly. Now the bill is being considered by the Senate, and we need to make sure they vote on it. We are hoping to put enough pressure on the senators--with your help--to ensure a vote by mid-June.

A. 8098 would make several changes to the existing laws. It would divert some drug offenders to treatment, which costs less than prison and is more effective at getting people out of the criminal justice system. It would also take some sentencing discretion away from prosecutors and give it back to judges, who are more objective and experienced. The bill would also modify the sentencing guidelines by reducing the penalties for people convicted of low level nonviolent drug law offenses.

This bill builds on past steps toward reform, and it's up to us to keep make sure the legislature moves New York one step closer to real reform with A.8098. Thank you for your commitment to promoting justice in New York by repealing the racist, ineffective Rockefeller Drug Laws!