1. control: to have control, power, or authority over somebody or something
2. be prominent: to be the most important aspect or element of something
3. be influential: to have a prevailing influence on somebody or something
4. tower above area: to overlook an area from a prominent and usually elevated position

Angel of sixth-highest order: an angel of the sixth of the nine orders of angels in the traditional Christian hierarchy
Black Domina X Grimm

I have long loved Sensi's Original Description of Domina.
“This full blooded Indica with large bracts will soon have you on your knees and begging for more. This harsh overpowering lady simply gushes sticky resin to which most men seem to have a fatal attraction. A word of warning: this powerful compact Indica has had a devastating effect on many a man, leaving them apparently beaten and whipped with a strange smile on their faces.”
I always figured it was a smallish plant due to there antiquated picture but Badboy found a cutting that produces and absolute monster of a female and just coated in resin and dank as it gets. It is a very spicy exotic smoke, very much like a good imported Moroccan hash. This is a strain I have wanted to add for a while and with the introduction of new genetics from the famed Grimm Brothers will add that fruity smell we are now known for.

Now for your smoking pleasure we proudly bring to Breedbay
Black Domina X Grimm

This new strain is in route as we speak I received the test run data and I am impressed so let it fly.

Lets meet this crazy girl!

Like day 38 or so


I will finish this post in a bit and show the seeded Domina and making the beans.

Stop back by I have to go into garden first but LOTS more pics.