Hi there fellow growers... some of yo may have seen the original cheese lab pics posted here, well we have had a change around and more than doubled the plant numbers.

originally there were 18 plants each side of the room both lit with 2x 600w lamps.. now there are 36 each side and a further 20 plants along the back wall, planted into a 901 grotank converted into a drip system.

Its not ideal as there are mixed varieties planted which im unsure of how manageable will be in flower packed so close.. but hey its an experiment and im sure some severe trimming and training will achieve the desired results..

the main reaon for the move around is so that i could empty the lab veg room for the new seed varieties i have just started...

Orange Velvet bx


Jacks Suprise

and to try and find some breeding stock for a future sativa line - the Seeds i brought back from Koh Samui Thailand.. they are all planted in root riot cubes in heated propagators, ready to be vegged up for production..

heres some pics of the room now and the seeds...


The varieties planted in the now 92 plant room are

Conquistador - Subcool seeds
JTR - Subcool Seeds
Neon Skunk - Subcool Seeds
LUI and UK Clone Only Cheese for the Spacequeen x Cheese cross

Updates here weekly...