Battlefield breedbay in a war of the strains
Tyranical TGA assaultin boards with the dank
their shit in your bong is a thorn in your brain
just decidin who to fight is like goin insane
a sub-cool Brain sparks an idea all this shit started
gettin retarded from Pinky got the whole world as his target
plantin cannabis his crop takin the planet his harvest
Scarlet and Space Queens form interplanetary alliances
Stellar conspiracies squelching breeders defiances
By air and land - by sea comin to get ya
armada of Queen Anne's Revenge and the flagship Jack the Ripper
stealth invasions by intricate trans-Atlantic logistics
battle plans delivered by doc bob and Admiral pistils
even Ike would be delighted by their fantastic quickness
Climactic epic battles - horror's in store next
smoke swirls violently they forge through the evil Vortex
Massive damage to each people's cerebral cortex
no rehab, no retreat, pushin forward their best
Soldiers march on the Forum as they launch an offensive
frustrated and fatigued from long nights in the trenches
mentally stressed by conflict from its own members
surviving solely on smoke and lust for consequences
they popped Jillybeans to enhance their lost senses
Agent Orange is airbourne, can't afford to miss it
Neon Super Skunks light the night skies and grant vision
Zorro led an awesome charge of the Green Avengers faction
like Big Foot in the back yard - this kids got mythical status
genocidal actions on demonic spawns of Nirvana and Dutch Passion
Hermaphrodites, closet hacks and the last of thoes fuckin assholes
when the dust settled and TGA couldn't conquer anymore
they erected monuments to the Grimm Brothers and Danny Boy
reperations to the populus paid with F2s and Resin Mixes
now we see propery like we're just given Three Dimensions