I run rubbermaid DWC. This time around I decided to make them more seed-friendly and invent a way to keep the roots seperate so I may easily pull males. At Wal Mart my girlfriend came up with a great idea. I used those plastic mesh things that you use to sew designs on with yarn, whatever they're called. I hot glued them into cylinders and then to the lid of the rubbermaid around the netpots. Looks very clean and I think it might work very well.

However, there aren't a whole lot of bubbles in all of the screens (the bubbles are BARELY to big to make it through the mesh). What I wanted to know if this really matters? I thought that I had read somewhere that it's actually the dissolved oxygen, not the bubbles, that were the source of oxygen to the roots and that the bursting bubbles were best for splashing action and generating an aeroponic type atmosphere for those roots above the water line.

Should I get some more airstones (I'm currently using 2 x 10" stones and a dual outlet pump per 18 gallon rubbermaid) so that they're right below each cylinder, or am I ok?

I'm sorry I posted this same question over in BLG's thread, but I didn't get any answer and started to feel like I was distracting/hijacking his thread. Also figured this might be good for the archive down the road if I can get a good answer.