Hi folks. I haven't done any indoor growing for over 10 years, and technology has clearly moved on in this period, so I could do with some advice.
I am looking at starting an indoor grow, probably in a GreenRoom tent, so I will have a grow space of roughly 1m squared by 2m high. I intend to scrog about 6-8 females in this space, using All-Mix and Bio-Bizz nutrients/stimulators etc.
My question is: do I go for a single 600W HPS lamp, or a 4x200W Envirolite set-up for flowering? Obviously the HPS option would give better depth of light, but since this is a scrog, light penetration isn't such an issue (or is it, and I'm talking out me bum?)
Back when I were a lad, I used a 400w HPS and had great results, so I'm tempted to go for the HPS option again, but I have no experience using flourescents and would appreciate some advice.