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    Thread: DWC Banana#1 my own strain!!!!!!!!

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      Default DWC Banana#1 my own strain!!!!!!!!

      Hello friends of H2O.......

      THis should help alot of new folks out with the DWC!!
      Accually this grow im about to show was my FIRST TEST...

      Setup,a double hose air pump for a fish tank(walmart) cheap!
      Long 4 inch air stones,the little ones SUCK but do NOT get to big
      either no longer than 6 inch you will have less bubbles the longer stones.

      Get at least a 15 to 25 gallon tub for more efficient feeding,lots of water
      less PH acid build up 5 gallon will work just change more when acid builds up.
      Tip for the newbie,PH meaning how high or low the food or waste acid is..
      in plane talk!! When you feed and test even though you test that day,in a few days the acid will build up as plants take in the good stuff.......
      To solve this problem,simply get sum garden lime and add a few cups to the
      water this will take down the PH so that you can feed again..
      With this method i went from a 15 gallon tub to a 20 gallon as the plants grew so there is plenty of root space,the more root space the less rot PERIOD.
      Tubs at walmart but get a colored one to block out light to roots,red or blue?
      THey say this works better,but i had a clear 20 gallon and did FINE MAN!!!
      Also i liked the fact that i can see the water color when feeding better.....
      THe top of the tub lid can be cut to fit a net basket,or a small pot with holes for the roots to get down to the water below.
      As for the water level,about a half an inch into the bottom of net pot and no less than 2 inches from the bottom of net pot to the water below?

      As for food,you can send away to a hydro shop or go to homedepot and get my all trusty Miracle gro water soliable ferts in all purpose or bud bloomer!!!
      Strenght numbers are (15/30/15) on the box,they have a very strong one at
      (30/15/30) i would not get that untill you know how to use this stuff.
      THis stuff is strong so be carefull a little goes a long way believe me!! and it taste ok when you flush good at the end of budding!!

      Oh yah,i grew 2 plants here in this grow under a 250 HPS only so ill get pics
      and then do more explaining about this EASY METHOD!!

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