Ok remeber the new Heads mag?

Now this is more of a joke than a real info thread but it does carry alot of merit. Keep in mind When I met Pistils he had already ordered my gear and was growing it but when I did submit seeds I sent dvd's full of data to him so much theres no way he has even viewed them all in detail.

So first we need a male
Space Dude

And for next Run JTR

JTR at 32 days

Jacks Cleaner Seeded with Space dude
*I have pollenation shots on File as well as germination shots*

Finished JTR Soylent Pheno

JTR Lemango

Dryed cured Jacks Cleaner

Up Close with JC

Finally Germ Tested seeds In stock awaiting orders.

If your a independant breeder without a name bring this kinda data to the table and your credibilty will never be in doubt.

You don't have to have an article in a mag just write For Breedbay on a post card in the pics.

If you do this for real this type of documentation shouldnt be hard I did it in afew hours.