Well I am about to use this magazine to date stamp something for Pistils I thought I'd give you guys a little preview of the latest Heads magazine and show give Mzjill credit for her amazing pics cause I can never seem to get her recognition if I send the CD we solved this now as she submits her own stories and pics herself

This is a really great read cover to rear flap with tons of great info all organics. Heads covers a wide area of interest catering more to skate borders and counter culture than serious growers or breeding so we try and keep the articles simple and educational.

The intire issue is dedicated to Organics

We got serious cover on the cover

Need some page 46 action

This is where I had pictures of canopy figured but I thing the theme here was almost all pictures actually show the soil. I submitted a follow up Transplanting article hopefully it will make it in.

It does show very happy healthy plants though.

Now the pictures with the Pink back grounds were taken by MzJill

Everyone knows this!

OK got it thats the Current issue of Heads it came out this week.

We have date stamped this magazine yes?