I know Danny already tossed up a thread but I grabbed mine today and had a few comments.

I won't get dramatic here but I will say it's funny as shit the reporter on the story actually joined PG as Deep Toke and told everyone the scoop but everyone blew him off.

This article really has nothing to do with what AE was concerned with it dosn't mention all the founding members but thats also Not the focus of the article.

This is a very nice issue and Even Simon comes out with some text and gear making him appear like the god of cannabis or at least the raining king. Maybe I can smoke some dank with him in november

Lets look

I would love to tell you one of our articles we have written latly made this issue but Danny has to fit each article and its content into the mag as they fit so we wait pateintly for the 4 articles I have submitted and Jills in October she is way excited.

The OG Scoop

Cheba how ever got his shot of Black Russian he took one day in our bud room and it's always nice to see that crazy colored thing in color.

This ones deff a good read and It's added to my library.

*Note Ask Dannny for suscription and stop driving 140 miles to get a copy