Ok I was talking with Pistils this am in chat and I tell him I have JTR, Jillybean, and Vortex reloaded making more seeds he says well I don't need any Vortex I have loads. I was shocked, I get so busy at times with certain projects that I sometimes loose track. Vortex has kinda been side lined by me mainly cause I got exactly what I wanted from the cross figured every one in there brother would buy it up and I would be running out.
I am not entering Vortex cause it's a Brothers Grimm Apollo X Vics Space Queen and I am focused on taking JTR to the masses. I assumed everyone understood what was created here.

Ok this plant was actually completed after the remote test but we will show my pics first

The Storm Approaches.

See the dreading of Apoll? but notice it has ALOT more resin that straight A-13

I think the buds are harder to and carry more jar weight.

It is certainly larger than A-13 or Space Queen

OK one more large shot and I will switch format