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    Thread: What's Happening?

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      Question What's Happening?

      Hopefully someone can help me with my problem, I've had problems with these same two females about 10 days ago and Pistils was able to help me through so here we go again. I'm about two weeks from the end of my grow, and Monday I gave my girls some of that Super Oxy Plus(?). Then on Wednesday morning I changed the res again putting my usual nutes in, my readings were ideal and that was that. Well yesterday I checked the res out of habit and noticed the roots looked like a pale biege color but they had like a cloudy look to them, so I picked up the net pot and all of this debris like stuff like rinsed off of the roots. And there was a slimmey film of the same color on the net pot. It looked like the roots were decaying and all of the root matter was falling apart. My nutrient solution went from a dark "Coca Cola" color to a almost clear yet cloudy color in 1 1/2 days, my airhose is geting clogged up by this stuff, too. However, higher up into the hydroton I can see the unmistakable whiteness of new root growth starting to grow beyond the hydroton pebbles. As for the plants themselves they aren't showing any signs of problems, at least not yet. Hopefully I've given a good enough description of the issue at hand and I hope that someone will be able to help me. If I have no choice but to chop them now, I will, but I'd like to be able to flush them first, and if the roots keep disintegrating, what then?
      Oh yeah, a plant I have in soil is showing upper leaves with green edges but a blueish green middle. Any suggestions anyone? And two of the lower leaves have a bright white/tan main vein? (Unfortunately I am unable to provide pics, I have no access to a digicam...Besides providing pics would be too much like right ! lol)

      HELP !!!
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