High all, I've recently been contemplating more and more about not buying seeds for atleast another 3-5 years. First however, I would like to purchase 3-5 last strains so that I know I'm set if I wish to create my own hybrids. Only true breeding strains are being considered as I wish to create some f1's of my own aswell as inbreeding some of what I do have. Right now I'm thinking of purchasing Rez's ECSD IBL (or cube whatever it is) even if I have to work it myself to become stable (yep, thats right, I'm going to try my hand at breeding) aswell as TFD's the pure (skunk#1) even though I already have HG's and sensi's Skunk#1. Now most of my hybrid stable consists of Indica's so I'm planning on buying Sat dom IBL's so I have the best of both worlds, one Indi I want however is Dr.Atomics NL as I have heard its a pretty stable inbred line. Has anyone here grown this strain out? and if so could you be share your experiences with it? including its stability. As for the Sativa's I am planning on purchasing Federations celestial temple sativa (CTS) which is purportadly a landrace IBL from the Andes mountains aswell as Fed's ISS. (island sweet skunk IBL) If anyone has any experience with the Federation strains or the Atomic NL I would really appreciate if you could chime in with anything which may be helpfull to me. My seed collection/buying habit is getting completely outta hand and it has to stop. I'm also confident that with a little trial and error I could create some killer stuff of my own, I just need the right building blocks. Well, I think thats the longest post I've ever written... mmmmm, time to get me a feed! peace to all and stay safe