....and White Widow buds! Well I finally got my desktop up and running and I have access to my pics. I went ahead and uploaded a few to share with you guys here at Bbay. I haven't flowered anything in about 2 and half months because I am trying to get a cloning technique down that is fast and consistent and I dont want to flower anything until i get it down to a science. Well here are some pics of the last stuff I flowered:

First up is Bogglegum, this is a great pheno, good yield and awesome grape bubblegum taste! Here she was at about 35 to 40 days from the switch.

Up next we have 1 of the 2 phenos gound in pack of Soma's NYCD. Mr.A.S.(AlexanderS on IC) germed them and grew them out and gave me cuts of each pheno. This I was told is the Diesel Pheno...I agree because thats what it tasted like. I let them go 70 days. Id say they are at about 50 days give or take 5 days. Here is the Diesel pheno

Here is the other pheno. I was told it was the Hawiian/Afghan Pheno. It smoked great. Tasted kinda like a strong cola like taste kinda sweet. I wish I would have kept a cut of her. Hopefully I can find another like her.

Here are some pics of some dried White Widow bud from Nirvana. I did 8 small cuts(back when I could get roots lol) vegged them for a week and threw em under the 400. I got about a qp which was ok considering this was our first strain we started that were known genetics. It smokes good and for Nirvana I dont think you can beat the price. Very potent strain I dont recommend it for a wake and bake hehehe.

I hope you enjoyed the show. Hopefully soon I will have some more pics to post. Thanks for stopping by!