Hi there all breedbay users. In this thread I will explain the difference between SOG (sea of green) and SCROG (screen of green). The 2 methods are similar but not the same, so I will go over the diffenences between the 2 methods.

SOG stands for Sea of green. Sea of green is one of the best ways to cultivate plants indoors. Genrally SOG growers will place many plants under each light they have (usually 16-25 per 1m2), these plants are given only a short amount of veg time (usually 1-2 weeks max) before the bloom phase is initiated. The plants used are are always taken as cuttings from a mother plant that is kept under 18/6 lighting constantly, that way the clones will all grow at the same rate and will all have the bear the same characteristics of the parent plant and yield similarly. The palnts are packed in usually in square pots ranging from 3L-6.5L in size, any pot larger than these would be too big for SOG cultivation. After all the aim is to only grow the plants small with them ending up around 30-40cm at the finish.
Growers will generally grow there plants to around 4-10" before initiating 12/12, that way they will never end up too tall. Having tall plants indoors bears no benifit as the lower buds and shoots never recieve the light necessary to produce dense bud formation. Once triggered the plants are pruned back of any lower branches/shoots that arn't getting sufficient lumens, and the only growth left on is that that is in the light. Some like to leave a main head cola and a few side branches to flower where as others will take off all side branches leaving just the main cola. It all depends how many plants are packed into the space (less plants will nedd more leads to fill the same amount of space with buds).
2 weeks into the bloom period the grower will take another look at his plants and determine whether any other "sucker shoots" need taking from the bottom of the plant. This is the last time you should really be taking off arms from the plant during bloom, so get everything that aint gettin light taken off by then.
The end resut of this tecnique is a level field of buds across the grow space, high quality buds that have gotten plenty of light, with no "shrapnel" at the botom that takes ages to trim!

At around the 5-6th week of bloom you should take new clones from the Mother plant room and start them off vegging (usually under metal halide or flourecent light), so that as soon as you harvest, the room can straight away be re-planted and the newly vegged up plants can be put straight onto 12/12 again; and so the cycle continues. Some people have 2 or more flowering bays all running together but with plants at different stages in the bloom. e.g Table 1 is on week 1,2,3 and 4, and table 2 is on weeks 5,6,7,and 8. Every 4 weeks there is a harvest and the plants chopped are straight away replaced with new clones from the mother/veg room. Many bays can be ran at once and a harvest can be achieved every 2 weeks if you can keep up with the demand for clones.

SCROG is a similar method to SOG, in the way that you will end up with a complete canopy of buds at the end.
Scrog growers generally dont fill out the space with lots of plants; instead they will use fewerlants (maybe 4-9 in 1m2) and train them through a netting that is suspended at around 20-30cm above the pot tops. Each time a growing arm/tip pops up above the net you simply tuck it back under the netting. This is done constantly throughout the veg period until the neting is completly filled with foliage, this is the perfect time to trigger the bloom phase. Once blooming has begun you carry on tucking the tips back under the net until the end of the second week, at which point you can just let them go as they will not stretch dramatically more from this point. The effect this gives is a field of buds similar to the SOG method, but each plant will have many leads. Also when bloom is initiated you take off any growth that is lower than the netting, as light will not reach down there. Bare stems should be visable underneth the canopy, to allow all the plants energy to be focused on the buds at the top in the light. The best way I can describe the effect of this method is like this: If you have a brstanding up straight and the light directly above it the top of the bud isetting plenty of light but the sides arn't actually geting direct light all the way down; now if you take that branch and lay it on its side then light can penetrate all the bud sites along the length of the branch, and each of those single buds will actually form into their own little colas.

Good yields are to be had using both methods, the SCROG is good for people who want to keep plant numbers down and still get a good yield. SCROG would also be an excellent method to use for those with limited head room. SOG is best suited to people that want to be able to harvest regularly and want to produce their crop in the quickest time.

The way I see it is this: You can have 4 plants in 1m2, they take 4 weeks to completly fill out the space followed by 8 weeks bloom time, and produce say 16 oz's. Or you could have 16 plants in the same space veg them for only 1 week they fill the space and aftyer 8 weeks flower they produce 16oz also. The difference between the two is TIME. the SOG crop has took a mere 9 weeks from clone to harvest, where the other crop has taken 12 weeks to cultivate.

Hope this thread is of some use to someone.......

Peace Chronical ......................