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    Thread: The great english outdoors!

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      Default The great english outdoors!

      Ok so this year I am going to try my hand at outdoor growing again. I have only ever grown 1 sucsessful plant outdoors and that was in my old ladys back garden! It yielded a mere 1.5Oz dry and was quite leafy BUT the smoke was extreamly resinous for outdoor weed.

      This year I am going Guarilla and trying to find a spot to plant somewhere knowone will find.....Its easier said than done belive me.

      So off i go for a stroll to local place i know that could have just the place that i'm looking for. It is a woodland area and the soil looks ok to grow with. Even so I am going to dig out 50L and fill it back ion with worm castings a bag of Bio-Bizz all mix and maybe som bat Guano!?

      I have a Mango female that was given to me that I intend to plant in my spot and grow it as large as possible whilst training it to grow into a low profile bush with many tops in the light. I aim to do this by staking the arms to the ground with tent pegs or something like that. I will probably top the plant numerous times also.

      So I'm rumaging around in bramble patches and nettles getting stung and scratched to death , everywhere I look doesn't seem good enough and I come to the conclusion that I will have to plant in the middle of a bramble patch or something like that. Thats when I came to a large overgrown area full of brambles, nettles, and other wild plants also there are some nice tall leafey plants growing here all bubched up and thick in foliage. I slowly wade my way through in a winding s shaped track until I was right in the middle of the large overgrown greenery. PERFECT I look down at the floor and the ground is a litter with plenty of dead leaves branches and other mulch. The soil looks clay based and i will definetly have to add at least 50L of All mix to give the plant the best start possible, but I think as long as i do that and I churn all the siol up and mix it in well all will be good. I can use all the run-off from my Coco system to feed Her also.

      Looking all around me it seems that my spot is well covered by the greenery and hopefully no body in there right mind will want to wade through here for any reason.

      Anyway I could do with some hints and tips on how to protect my project plant from animals, Pests etc and any general outdoor growing secrets I need to know. i thought about putting up chicken wire around the base ov my plant to protect from animals, and getting some of the sticky stuff to put round the stem to stop pests climbing up to munch on the leaves. I will be using Neem oil regulary and spraying an all round pesticide at 10 day intervals just in case.

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      Any posts made by me are purely fictional in nature and by no means is anything I say to be taken seriously. I do not grow or condone the growing of anything not legal. Any and all pictures I post are pictures widley available on the internet and any discussions I am involved in are purely hypothetical or are commentary in nature and should not constitute advice or be considered advice to assist in activities that are deemed illegal.

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