Hi guys. I want to thank you again for offering such wonderful medicine to all of us out here. I have introduced Sputnik 2.0 to my little corner of the PNW to rave reviews. I can not ever remember tasting such good weed, and feeling so totally tripped out stoned on weed, EVER!!!! Ok, now I am on week three of vegging 5 Neon Super Skunk, Three Jack the Rippers, Two Space Queen F2's, and a wonderfully bushy Sputnik 2.0 Clone.

I have been training the Sputnik according to your suggestions. Wonderful bushy plant.

My question is regarding the plants grown from seed. I plan on taking cuttings from females for future grows, but how do you suggest I train the plants from seed? Your methods describe clone bondage, and not seed. Is it the same? Do I top them just as the clones? They are now in week three and have 4-5 node pairs. Small Branches are growing out already from the lower pairs.

Is it ok to top the plant a little lower to use as clone?

Thanks for the assistance.