I ordered a pack of Chimera C4 a while back, it sounded different and it certainly was, out of 10 seeds i got 7 males and 1 mongol and 2 females, 1 of which i kept as it has somthing special about her...

This particular C4 phenotype is the wide leaved of teh two, it has a sweeter smell and boasts thincker stems, mind you, both phenotypes have a vine characteristic in which even the bottom limbs will grow like the top growth tip, large and fast, in fact this is a scroggers dream..

I have 8 C4 plants in Flower on the 2+ EPN premixed box nutrients. it is now day 3 of Bloom. Under 2 x 600w Adjustawings one has a sunmaster super Hps and other has a sunmaster halide..

More updates during the each weeks new nutrient change.