Hey there.. Just thought id share an experiement im doing, i have been meaning to run these SensiPro 2+ EPN & week Nutrient packs for a while, but they dont come cheap..

So, as i have now met with Mr Higgins, one of AN's directors, i am confident he will replace me with the one i took from stock to test out and showcase..
So.. i openned the large box which reveals 7 smaller boxes labelled according to the week its required to be used, so weeks 1-7.
Inside each week's box there are various sachets of pre measured for 100L of water and precisely measured for each week of your bloom cycle..

I must admit, i am sceptical still, even though i use all of AN's products seperately already, i run them at much lower E C readings than these boys recommend.. as i was opening all the sachets from the week 1 box i was thinking to myself, dan, this is a lot of stuff to be puttin in my tank and was expecting the Ec reading to be off the scale.
So.. what do you do? Simple, you add each individual sachet to your reservoir of 100L of water and mix in before adding the next one, i recommend taking a measuring beaker of water to mix your powdered sachets, of which there are 3 so individually mix one into a jug of water mix and pour into res.. repeat for each powder product.. The liquid sachets can just be poured in and then scoop some water up into each sachet to rinse and swill back into the res..
mix well, and take an EC reading .. YIIIKEES 2.7 Ec 5.7 ph

The above Ph reading tells me this is the amount they recommend to use and at these levels, im just not so sure so i diluted it down to 1/2 of this reading with an extra 50L of water.. ( i have an adjustaable top up float valve thaat allows me to limit the amount my linked reservoirs hold, while mixing i allowed for 50 L per tank so the total was 100L .. the 2 tanks are recirculated so after reading the 3.2 Ec i adjusted the float for another 50L which dropped this to 2.1 Ec.. also required me to use phosphoric acid to reduce to ph from 6.6 to 5.9.

I was half expecting disaster this morning when i returned after dosing it for their first daily 4 feeds,as they had been vegged on 1.2 Ec and this was quite a jump, would they be crisped...??
Find out soon...