Hey all, just got my camera a couple of days ago and decided to document my grows in the hopes that, with your help, I can keep from killing my plants and grow the medicine I need to get thru the days. The bad news is I've made a lot of newbie mistakes like... bad ph, over watered, under watered, swallowed, over nuted, under nuted, fried (too high heat) and more. The good news is I haven't (so far) repeated any of my mistakes and actually seem to be learning to listen to my plants.

The lone JTR survivor

3 of the 6 SQ's I also have 5 little Blockhead seedlings.

A little info on the grow, organic in soil, I mixed 1 bag each of Ocean Forest, Light Warrior, 25qts EWC, and about 8 qts of perlite in a 40 gal Rubbermaid Tote w/wheels. Got stoned and forgot to add the bone, blood meal, epsom salt, guanos and dolimite lime, so I'm going to have to adjust on the fly. I also have all Foxfarm nutes, Liquid Karma, and a couple of others I can't remember. Light is a 400 watt MH w/digital ballast, have a 1000w HPS for flowering when I need it.

I actually had an ok (12 of 15) germrate, when my elder dad collapsed of borderline stage 5 CKD and I forgot to turn off the heating mat when I put them under the lights (Dads doin fine tia). All but 2 died, the JTR and 1 Williams Wonder, till I over nuted them and the WW died. I believe in the rapid rooters, just make sure your on a level surface .

Looking at the SQ's it looks like a Mg deficency so a couple of days ago I bubbled up a compost,high N bat guano, alfalfa, kelp tea with 5ml of Cal-Mag plus and molassas and that perked them up a bit. Got stoned and bought one of those Alaska Bounta tea kits awhile back and brewed some up a week after I transplanted the SQ's and they really took off. They're 19 days from when I dropped them into distilled water to soak. Should I add a tbl spoon or 2 of epsom at my next watering?

Plan on making a foliar spray w/alfalfa, corn meal, and neem oil this weekend. Will up date w/pics as I learn my camera and work load (working massive amounts of overtime, forced) permits.

Peace, SC