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    Thread: 250w Bubblegum crop: 10L Coco pots

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      Default 250w Bubblegum crop: 10L Coco pots

      Hi folks, well its time again to re-plant my little " Head Stash" chamber! The room consists of 1x250w Son-T bulb inside a standard Dutch barn style reflector. For extraction and odour control I have a 6" inline fan and 6" Phat Carbon filter venting from the highest point of the room.
      A small 8" Bionaire air circulator serves the purpose of moving air around in the room, and also keeps the heat from the lamp off the plants by blowing a constant stream of cool air past the heat spot.

      The strain i am using here is again Bubblegum as it always gives consistent yields and is nice and resinous also. sadley this is the last run of flowering in this little space as it is getting converted back into a mother room again to house the 2-3 strains that I wish to keep.

      Passive Hydroponics and Resevoir pots:

      The system I have choosen to use in this space is real SIMPLE but effective. I simply got hold of 3 10L tomato pots and firstly drilled out plenty of EXTRA drainage holes both in the bottom of the pot and round the side right at the bottom to allow maximum drainage and air for the root zone. Next I aquired 3x10L flower buckets that my 10L pots sit into perfectly with a gap between the bottom of the top and bottom pot of around 2". I then drilled a hole 1" above the flat bottom of the bottom bucket and added a 15mm grommet fitting and elbow. When the pot is watered from the top the nutrient runs through the media out the drainage holes at the bottom before filling up the 1" deep resevoir in the bottom bucket and then flowing through the grommett/elbow and into a catchment tank to waste. The plants roots will burst from the bottom of the pot and into the shallow 1" resevoir of nutrient solution where they can feed readily. There is a 1" Air gap before the roots hit the solution also. This is Hydroponics in its simplist form. I give the pots a good flush with real weak solution at ph 5.8 every 10 days to remove any salt build-up.

      I water the pots with 1L of nutrient solution per day at the moment to a 10% run off. As usual I am using Advanced nutrients 2+ with this crop including the 3-part Grow , Micro , Bloom , Voodoo Juice , Big Bud and Overdrive etc.

      The mix being used here in the pots is 50/50 Coco coir/Perlite with a good layer of Hydroton clay pebbles in the bottom of each pot also to aid drainage. The clones had been rooted in 1" and then 3" cubes before being sat ontop of the coco/perlite mix; then lastly a 1" layer of pure perlite was added to the top of each pot to act as a dry layer and stop fungus gnatts from laying eggs in the media.

      Heres the pics anyway:

      Resevoir pots:

      Peace Chronical
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