Just when I thought I was treating them better by giving them a bigger pot...
Mushrooms are now growing in the 32 Oz cups I just put my seedlings and cuttings into a few days ago.
The soil I used did have what looked to be mold on it. I just mixed that all in.
The mix is some "organic" potting soil from the local hardware store, with about 30% perlite.

I transplanted these about 5 days ago into the fungus laden mix
<---group shot of cuts
<---close up of a connie seedling
<----I noticed that this one has the fungus
drying up and dying back some.

This seems to be changing the leaves some too.
If ya look at the first pic, the edges are turning a sick yellow color.

umm .. Help.
I have never seen this before. I just noticed it today.