Hello Breedbay Guru's

I wanted to take some time to tell you about Hash Plant, where she came from the results of Conquistador and what we have planned during her remake. We are in the process of selecting a Connie male to do a back cross with and we don't rush things anymore. However I struggle even replicating it at all due to some of our new offerings.

Lets take a look first at the Hash Plant herself. One thing that is clear to me the longer I breed and that's the mother plant is the most important and each strain will resemble her as long as a proper male is used. Our mothers dominate our hybrids!

I will resize most this thread will prob get a tad long. The picture above is from Squid place when I was crashing there and running that garden.

This Monster is what Badboy and HG do with her!

Our Hash Plant came from Squid and was originally from Sensi seeds around 1986.
This is Connie's Momma and she was also used to create Zorro one of our new main offerings. The male used in the creation of the new gear came from a Mix pack of Brothers Grimm and IMO a better pool than anything commercially or privately available.

Hash Plant!

These pictures by Homegrown