They moved from Alaska to MO, so Im guessin they not too bright to begin with....?

Local News</B> Drugs in mail lead to arrest
By Edward J. Sisson
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A suspicious package from Kodiak, Alaska, addressed to a resident in Laclede County - intercepted Friday at a FedEx processing station in Springfield - led to a search warrant being served at a home in the Hideaway Lane area where a marijuana growing operation was discovered, the Laclede County Sheriff's Department said Monday.

A couple arrested at the residence have been freed pending charges.

According to the sheriff's department, the narcotics division of the Springfield Police Department was alerted to the package and a narcotics officer went to the processing station where the package was opened in accordance with FedEx policy in dealing with suspicious packages.

The package contained a large plastic vacuum package covered with scented paper towels. Located inside the paper towels was 2.5 ounces of what appeared to be processed marijuana.

Law enforcement officials verified the address and who the occupants were.

The address in Alaska where the package had been mailed Thursday was the previous known address of the occupants of the residence in Laclede County.

The Springfield narcotics officer brought the package to the Laclede County Sheriff's Department where its contents were verified and a search warrant obtained.

The contents were repackaged and delivered to the Laclede County address.

A Laclede County deputy and an officer with the Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group began a surveillance Friday afternoon.

When the suspects arrived at the residence and took the package inside, the officers served the search warrant.

Among the items recovered by the officers were several large green plants, three trays of small green plants, a number of glass jars containing green plant material and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.

A growing room was discovered in the corner of a detached garage where numerous small potted plants were growing.

Angie Hemphill Wright, Laclede County assistant prosecutor - who reviewed the application for the search warrant - said this morning that the plants recovered at the scene have been sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crime lab in Jefferson City for analysis to verify that they are marijuana and to determine their weight.

“These two factors will be considered when we determine what charges will be filed,” she said.