I must admit , i am impressed as hell with the latest creation from the homebox team:

Here it is, crap picture sorry, forgot flash. But here it is all zipped up tight and looking smart.

Really nice Duct SLeeves elasticated to seal around ducting ribbing

Heres the Interior, notice the really handy steel powder coated mesh fame and teh Carbon Filter cradle.. really well constructed .

Also has these nice weighted flaps on the inside to allow air into the chamber , each openning is protected with a fine mesh insect screen.

Flaps from inside, 3 flaps will allow for lots of fresh air to pass into your chamber.

my First impression of these was, hmmm maybe ok for a small mother chamber or even flourescant blooming chamber for sog or scrog...
Then it dawned on me.. as its only 1.2 m high, it sits on any standard office desk allowing you to make a couple of funky modifications, which i will be putting into action this upcoming week and will photo journal its progress.

But in a nutshell, i am going to build a shelf under the table, the depth of my nutrient reservoir.. ( ie your tank/bosh,reservoir's height from floor to top edge)
Ensure your chamber is in exactly the position you want it to stay before you start to drill anything.

I am then going to cut holes for mesh pots in the tabletop and the 1.2m homebox base sheet, then seal up the exposed wood edges with a suitable sealant and smooth off with sandpaper, till glass finish.

i can now suspend my 5" net/mesh baskets in the holes made in the tabletop and chamber floor..the shelf will hold the nutrient tank snugly underneath the table.., drill a few 3mm holes near the top rim of tank to feed airlines in to work your airstones..

add a tap if you like, to make nutrient dumps easier. basically, the type of system you use is completely down to you, its just the principal of having your nutrients completely away from the heat source and gaining extra 8" minimumof height which can equate to quite some buddage extra or at least a decent crop without burnt tops, which may have been a little hard placing the system inside the tent forcing you to scrog or flower clones instantly...

You could get really posh and have 2 seperate chambers side by side which fits just nicely onto an office table, leaving you at the perfect height to tend to your crps and then adding sides and back and sliding doors on the front, would make it look extremely professional, hell you could house all your bulky kit under the reservoir shelf all boxed in nicely, simply running the ducting through a hole just behind each chamber and
up along the back wall to the elastcated ports/
Sorry i waffle when baked..