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    Thread: I Recommend Coir

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      Default I Recommend Coir

      Coir is an excellent medium for hydroponics Passive Or active. It has perfect air/water ratio and can store water and nutrients and release it to the plants roots as and when it needs water. Due to its airy nature root growth is abundant and is nurtured by the trichoderma bacteria that lives in the coir (pre mixed into when bagged, check your suplier)

      Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry. It is made form the ground husks and fibrous shells of coconuts and is now very popular. Like bark, coir is a waste product and comes from a renewable source, so there are environmental benefits.
      The benefits of coir include:
      • <LI class=html_text>Good structure and texture. Coir encourages root development and has good water holding capacity without getting too waterlogged. It is ideal for use with subterranean irrigation systems.
        <LI class=html_text>Coir has good chemical properties making fertilizer application easy. There are no minerals that will lock up nutrients, so fertilizer application rates can be low. Soil pH can be adjusted so that nutrient uptake is always optimal.
        <LI class=html_text>Coir is more or less sterile, so there is little risk of soil-borne plant diseases.
      • Coir is lightweight, so plants are easy to transport and move once in situ.
      It can also be reused again, due to it not locking in any nutrients, it shoud be well rinsed and treated with a root enzyme, which will turn any remaining dead root matter into nutrients available to the new plants and preventing decay and mould/fungus infecting your media, get as much as you can out manually. You will need to add some coarse material to improve the texture of used coir.. 20% new coir, 20% perlite 60% used coir should be sufficient. It is advisable to allow your coir to dry out occasionally, this allows air to penetrate completely and deters scarid flies..
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