as some of you know i've been shut down for the past month or 2 orso due to a newborn coming home. i am now in the process of getting set up for a relaunch in the next month or 2. im wondering if i have enought odor control tho as its the only part of my room that i dint upgrade.

as for the setup im planning on running 2 air cooled 600w hps over 2 3x3 ebb n flow trays packed with 35 or 36 clones each flowered with no more than a couple days veg so thats a total of 70-72 plants. im not sure on weather ill be venting outside or not but if i do it will be through the floor. i will also be cooling the room with a 10,000 btu ac unit.

the strains may include but are not limited to:
green giant

now for the filter and fan:
Carbonaire Filters offer an economical and extremely effective way to remove unwanted organic and chemical ordors. Carbonair uses highly activated virgin carbon to assure maximum odor filtration. These filters are easy to use and under typical conditions will last at least a year. Each unit includes a pre-filter that collects dust and other airborne particles from clogging the carbon. FEATURES:
  • Highly Activated virgin carbon, for long lasting odor absorption.
  • Pre-filter that collects dust and other airborne particles
  • Individually boxed for easy shipping and to keep the carbon fresh
  • Constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steal
Carbonaire filter: 6" Flange, 22" height, 15 3/4" width, max CFM 500, Carbon Weight 40 lbs

am i covered or screwed?