So like when folks talk about their grows and one person says hey I did this and it made my garden sucky and another person says hey I did that too and it was fine and both growers had optimum conditions and all was well yet the turnout was different has anyone given thought to the variables of the astrological weather? Whoa that was a long sentence.

But ya know what I mean...the moon, the stars, the phases, etc.

I mean what if dude A planted using x medium and had a cetain set of conditions and dude B planted using the same medium under the same conditions just on a different day...the stars may be stacked against dude B. Or even if dude A did the same thing in the same space on two different days the result would be different depending on the phase of the moon or something like that.

The farmers almanac says any seed planted May 27 28 29 of 2006 will tend to rot.

Sometimes it might not be humidity or temperature or nutes or light or mites. The universe might just hate you.