some of you might remember me from overslow. ive been offline for a while and got the bug to show mees grows.

i recently tore down a 4800 watt grow, so that i may put up 2 5400 watt grows. i will show the rooms before during and after.

so for starters let me break my new setups down.

there temp will be 65 degrees.
9 digital 600's each (wired for 220)
3 4x8 trays each
1 RO machine each

this setup is already proven to yield 10 lbs with 8 digis.

the strains are as follows: OG kush x bubba kush, white widow, trainwreck, LA kush, rom x blueb, afgooey, cali-o, and of course the jedi.
all of it will on advanced except the personal wich will be pbp and ocean forest.

i hope not to offend anyone with my capitolist nature. peace.