Take a seat class will begin shortly today we will be covering proper Bubble Hash making. I have covered most of the finer techniques used to make full melt bubble in my 101 Hash making thread located @
You may want to review!

This is a follow up thread with many more pictures so you can get a exact idea on how I make the gooey blobs you see below, this is Jacks Cleaner and Jack the Ripper Bubble. We have your classic shapes first a simple round ball. The end result of this little project was a nice 6.6 gram lump of 73& 25 Ui, and also a nice 3 gram piece of 120 Ui.

Its heavier than it looks!

If its ok with you guys I'm going to smoke bowls and kinda skip around here abit. I wanted to show off the finished shots first and back track. After making the bubble each strain requires a different drying period before you can handle it. This bubble was made yesterday and I can pick it up and shape it but if I hold it to long it will start getting soft and stick to you hands. My camera is covered in hash after this shoot.

Once I finish taking pictures of the globs I break apart and let dry until the bubble will crumble into a nice pile of flakes and dust and if its done correctly it will look like pieces of red amber. This crumble here is a mix of Tinybomb and Apollo-13 all other shots are fresh bubble made for this thread.

So I take the ball of hash that's now tacky and roll it out into a long worm, this batch was extremely melty and caramel looking which means it will be really good crumble. Then I simply allow to sit for about 30 minutes and the outside will oxidize. I then twist the turd to expose the inner lighter colored resins and continue to twist until I get a swirl effect some bending some shaping and then some close ups with a macro lens.

Ok I am just getting started here so hang with me next we will review the drying proccess to get it to this stage!