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    Thread: In Remembrance of Gypsy

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      Default In Remembrance of Gypsy

      all of us started off at one of these online sites, be it HS, CW, OG, or IC, we all were at the same point when we all started off correct? id like to see someone who has never grown try to have anything turn out as good as Sub's, Relik's, or in particular Texas Kid's final dankolicious product.

      we live, learn, and grow, if you arent here for any of those 3 then why are you here?

      So here we are all again, disassociated with the rest of the world, and confined to our own little 4x8 space of HID enjoyment. While i sit in my box and wait patiently for things to come to fruition, i have finally decided it is time for Sneaky to speak up

      We are all upset, about the recent happenings in our small little world, but instead of bitching and complaining, trying to say how it "used" to be. Lets make it how it used to be, NOW. The recent influx of the IC mag community has increased the amount of grow related threads and there have also been many helpful "how-to's" that have been submitted.

      The point of all of this is even though Gypsy did what he had to do, i still have nothing but respect for the guy. You may think hes a shady business man, but the fact remains that he has been on the front lines of the cannabis industry for a long time, and sometimes you have to lay low. Some things could have been handled differently yes, but all in all im not upset at the guy for leaving. Im not upset at anybody for staying at IC either (just not for me i enjoy freedom).

      So Gypsy, good luck on your new path of life, i know youll never stop growing, so bring us some Elvis and OG Kush f2's for your new venture.

      to the new grand masta growers, Pistils and Sub, you guys got my attention and respect.

      So to keep gypsys spirits alive here we go with some more funny gypsy pictures
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