Hey everyone! i hope everyone is having a great night. i just thought i'd stop in here & ask a couple questions. my doctor has told me that i have a syndrome called Fibromyalgia. (in case you aren't familliar with it, it's basically an arthritis based condition that affects the muscles, tendons, & ligaments causing pain & lethargy.) Sadly, at 24 years old, i feel as if my body is much older than it is. (obviously, i'm trying to lose weight, but this problem started before then.) OK, i'm going to get to the point. Since i don't really want to be on painkillers the rest of my life, & i already use herb for other things, (stress/depression/migraines) i was hoping you guys would be able to recommend something good for me to try. i have actually just started my JillyBean, & i thought i heard that this might actually help with my problem.

ANYWAYS. sorry for the long drawn out post, but i wanted to give you a little background. Thanks for anyone who can help!

P.S.-- i'll be posting some pics of my JILLBEAN soon (even though it's just sprouting!)