i got my online shopping cart loaded with what i think i need to make an ebb n flow (except res which is already taken care of) but i've never used or put one togather before and could use some help checking to make sure i have what i need, also alternate items that work beter are welcome but i want it to be from hydroempire.

here's some info about what im planning to help you help me.

2x 3x3 ebb n flow tables side by side each under their own 600w hps in hydrofarm daystar ac air cooled hoods hooked inline with a 6" vortex fan and a huge carbon scrubber, for the res ill be using a 55gal fish tank under the trays, will that be big enough? ill be flooding trays at seperate times jus incase so the res doesnt get too low.

here's my shopping list (what am i missing):

2x Eco 264 Submersible Pump (264 GPH)

2x Fill Fitting w/ Screen
3' X 3' Grow Tray - Black
4x Screen for Flood & Drain Fittings
2x Hydroton Pebbles - 50 Liter Bag

4x Extension for Flood & Drain Fittings

8x ½ Inch (13mm) Grommet
4x 1/2" Fill & Drain Fitting