We have just been joined by own of the nicest, true-to-his-word breeder's in the cannabis community. Mandala Mike of Mandala Seeds has joined Breedbay (after a bit of arm-twisting . . . hehe . . . hope the arm isn't too sore, Mike)

Many of you remember Mandala Mike from ICMag. Many threads have been posted up both here and at ICMag showing off his wonderful gear. There is no doubt that Mandala Seeds' strains offer the dankest strains all of which contain landrace genetics that Mike and his girlfriend Jasmine have combed Eastern Asia, India, Spain and many other corners of the globe to obtain. And the greatest thing is that his strains are priced mostly at around $25.00 per 10 pack! Here's a shot of ResinRyder's grow of Satori and Sadhu, two of Mandala's fine strains, that RR has posted up here on Breedbay.

I have found out that Mandala Mike has agreed to do a test grow with Pistils for the upcoming Breedbay auction! WoooooHoooooo! Isn't the internet wonderful? You send an email invitation for someone to join and BAM, there's new genetics to choose from as a result!

To Mandala Mike, I would just like to extend you the warmest of Breedbay greetings, my brotha. I am hoping this is the start of a wonderful relationship for you with Pistils and Breedbay! Just like you, Pistils is a "class" act with a big heart and I know you two will get along famously. I look forward to seeing you and your work on our boards soon, my friend. Again, great to have you here!