Well it was a long wait but it's sure been fun tweaking out my oldest strain. I have been tuning up my soil mix and I used this plant as a reference as I know her attributes very well. This is the same JC I did side by side in the roots soil you can see that thread at.


The plant in the Roots soil matured much faster and I think it was simply out of nutrients and finished a bit early. I prefer my plants to fade but if they fade to early it will cost you in yields, the JC is super soil has gone a full 7 days longer before finishing and she has a lot more pot on her. JC is famous for adding most of her weight in the last few days but since the other plant in just Roots soil ran out of steam and never hit her main growth period. The other one still gave up 4 ounces.

This plant has grown much bigger in the extra week, and unless I'm wrong she even smells a bit sweeter. 63 days is the longest I will let a JC go her potency sores this late but everyday she gets a bit more harsh and looses the sweet taste and adds the strong taste so I will harvest her anywhere in between 56 and 63 usually one early and 1 late the finished smoke is that different.

Lets look at a plant shot the damn things so big I cant get the intire plant in view but you can see how large her 4 main spears are. Every bit of 30” each and thick as my forearm wet This may be the best yield I have got from her. I did JC in hydro years ago and was amazed she took 2200 PPM without a problem I think she is a heavy eater and needs lots of foods to hit her max potential.

Ok Let me get some more of the pics loaded.

Stand By for more Buds