Ya'll know this is just bullshit right? The main story in the news last Friday was the wholesale, illegal, unconstitutional surveillance of the American people. W's approval rating was at less than 29%. Now we have a hornet's nest being stirred up over the border, don't fall for the smoke and mirrors... again. Let's stay focused, trust me this administration is not going to do anything to help the small business man. At best, all that will happen is a very costly national ID system with biotechnology will be implemented on our "guest" workers, so the govmnt can collect income tax from the mexican workers, at that point our own govmt will be shipping in mexicans faster than you can say w-2 form. Then this national ID card with biotechnology will be that much easier to implement on American citizens, not just "guest" workers from mexico and other countries. Let stay the course, stop the war, and get this incompetent, job-killing, money-grubbing, constitution ignoring, anti-freedom, dictator peice shit out of office. Just my opinion.