Some of you may or may not be familiar with Recirculating Dwc,However it is just a multiple bucket version of Dwc "DEEP WATER CULTURE" that is all connected to a single controller,Where nutrients is pumped from a pump to the top of each bucket,And returns through the bottom of each bucket back to the controller,Basically continuously mixing the nutrient solution making it stable through-out the whole system.The controller will have a float valve installed where it is connected to a reservoir which will auto top/feed the system.Each bucket will have an airline and airstone/air difffuser.Or the controller will have a powerhead installed.This is how the water/nutrient solution will get its Do "DISSOLVED OXYGEN".

The Bennifits to this system iare!You can cool the whole system using a single water chiller.The system will auto top off and mix nutrient solution 24/7 keeping ph and ppm stable from bucket to bucket.And the growth and vigor is explosive when optimized.

Well the drawbacks are that if one plant gets root rot,Its possible to spread through-out the system.The buds will be so heavy they will need tied up for support or you may suffer loss in yeilds due to some broken branches.Other than that im sure you will enjoy it.

Adding up the parts list
Ok this is a tutorial on a 12 bucket system,The parts list will vary depending on how many buckets.Each bucket will require 1x 1/4" straight barb,1x 1/4" barbed elbow,1x 3/4" ebb n flow fitting,1x 2' air diffuser or airstone.You will need some 3/4" tees and elbows,The ammount will vary depending on number of buckets and rows.For example im running 4 rows of 3 buckets,I will need 8 t's and 4 elbows for connecting the buckets in each row.Now for the controller you will need 1x ebb n flow fitting for each row you will be running,For example im doing 4 rows of 3 buckets,So i will need to be able to connect 4 return lines to the controller.The feed line will only need 1x 1/2" ebb n flow fitting the rest will be split through t's and tubing.I suggest always buy extra elbows and t's as you may need them either way remember this is a part list for a 12 bucket system.Also i suggest buying black buckets ordering off the net as i bought white buckets locally and spray painted them pain in the arse imo.So i reccomend purchasing black 5 gallon buckets.

Parts list
12x 5 gallon buckets
12x lids with 6" nets built in
12x 2' air diffusers
1x 18 gallon rubbermaid tub
1x 45 gallon reservoir
16x 3/4" elbows
16x 3/4" tee's
16x 3/4" (tub outlets) ebb n flow fittings
4x 3/4" shut off valves
2x 1/2" ebb n flow fittings
24x 1/4" straight barbs
12x 1/4" barbed elbows
4x 1/2" shut off valves
4x 1/2" end caps
100' 3/4" ID tubing
100' 1/4" ID tubing
50' 1/2" ID tubing
1x Float valve
1x eco 264 gph water pumps
2x eco 8 air pumps

Tools list
1x Drill
1x 3/16" bit
1x 3/8" bit
1x 1&1/4" hole saw bit with starter bit
1x Needle nose plyers
1x sharp knife
1x heavy duty scissors
Now i will post links to some places you can order all the supplies from!

You can get the 5 gallon buckets black cheap here!

Now heres a couple links to places that carry all the rest of the equipment,Exept the 18 gallon rubber maids which can be ordered through home depot or lowes either one.

Time for a smoke break will finish this tutorial promtly!