Being unable to rely on my short-term memory, or long-term for that matter, I turn to the BBay community to steer me in the right direction or to teach me what I don't know. So, with that in mind, I seem to remember a D.I.Y. tutorial on one of the "Other" sites in which it explained how to make a "Cooltube" or something that is nearly as efficient for small spaces with heat issues? Hopefully it wasn't a figment of my imagination and someone else saw it. Or does any one know how to make a cooltube? If you do, could you possibly provide me with the necessary info I'd need to build one for myself. As for the community teaching me, I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but what exactly is a "Wilma" type of system? I've read threads and/or posts that mention them but I've never seen one nor have I heard it explained, so if someone would be so kind, could you please explain, with as much detail as possible, what a "Wilma" system is and how it is used?