Greetings one and all. Been surfing weed sites for many a year and after i saw the fiasco that was i was amazed to see him setting up shop here.

I think it is important that the last post from mriko at Q's site be seen as Q seems to hold him in high esteem and it was right after this post the forums went down. I am also curious as to how the admin work here, is free speech possible or will this be censored.

Dont take my word on this, there are other respected breeders that made their opinions very clear at Q's site but all to often they were censored too.

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Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 5:32 am** *Post subject: bye bye...

Greetings all (not you, Q)

just a few words, to say goodbye, I'm leaving the place and the whole scene as well. Just have enough of the rotten minds going around. Q, you have definitely proved to be a thief and a huge liar. that's all you know to do, lies lies lies. so have enough of your bullshit.
And I won't change my mind this time. I see no benefit at all in staying here or any other canna-forum. finished.

carefull about Q guys, he's NO GOOD man ! I had already posted some message a few days ago, this guys just can't face the truth and he simply erased it.

Irie !

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Do you care to comment on this Queijo

Sempre, Xoxa.