vBulletin Message

HELLO! Tired of seeing the same message each time?? ....i know, it is not a thing to make light of......we miss the community very much and regret this downtime that was needed... fortunately we have an update and some good news for everyone... Iggy has about one week left of moving into his new place then will be back full time for whatever is needed and pushing forward development! Since being down for so long, and due to some structural changes, we have chose to build a better server which will be happening presently... Pistils is still working on his major life changes/relocation etc....he will be focusing on that a bit but will still be around. it is a pure hell to see things down for this long, but all things considered it sort of just had to happen....we are sorry for this, it feels terrible but we are coming back tho, with a fury! ....that is part of the reason for the wait is to be sure to come back building strong after all ;P a thousand apologies for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused and thank you all for your patience...it is our hope for this to NEVER happen again. in the meantime, for questions or other infos iggy can be contacted at admin@whiteashfire.ninja