last time I wanted to get rid of the last evidence of my grow ever from house I wanted to do it in funny way
The last thing I had to get rid of was the very well dried and cured leaf from Skunk no 1 from the Flying Dutchman

I used blunt cigarette 'cafe cream' with oriental aroma by replacing the tobacco with grinded leaf..

the leaf was from almost mature plant (nearly exactly before first flowers should appear) which I had to get rid because of problem with security
perhaps the thc was in these leafs and should go to bud but it didn't have the chance

I smoked it myself, the smoke was fine because of well curing and surprisingly get me high for about 1,5 hour . the high was somewhat heady and somewhat couchlock it's hard to tell the stone was very similar to smoke from the top of plant that I smoked long time ago
the plant was organically fed

Happy Growing