After my somewhat ill-fated germination of my spacequeen seeds (I have five out of ten, my fault 100% but that's okay, I LEARNED LOL), Sub suggested that I try his new foolproof way of starting seeds- the "Rapid Rooters."

They're plugs made of special tree bark with probiotic bacteria that produce oxygen as waste so they nourish the roots, come in a tray of 50 (I'll never need more than five or ten at a time LOL), and you put a little bit of water in the bottom of the tray so the plugs can drink from it.

His directions were to place the seed TIP DOWN with tweezers in a soaked rapid rooter cube inside the tray, slap on a humidity dome on and 2-3 days later on average you're seeing results.

So I'm giving it a shot- bought the stuff, and I've got three SubCool seeds sitting in three Rapid Rooters- been there for about a day now. Two Pinky/Sputnik (see the indepth, you'll want to buy it!!!) and one seed from the resin mix.

Sub said it wasn't necessary to soak the seeds in R/O water beforehand- when doing paper towel method I usually soak for about 18 hours before I place them in the towels- so I'm experimenting. I soaked the two Pinkys for 12 hours, and didn't do anything to the resin mix bean. We'll see how the germination rates differ...

One question! For those of you that have used these...

It IS proper to be able to physically see your seed inside the cube, correct?