Im starting my new grow room in a few weeks time still moving all the rubbish stuff like fridges and chairs in to me new house.

But here is want im planning and if u guys could give me some tips along the way that would be great

Im going to use a 20 site dripper system 125cmx115cm im going to use root riots and then then larger transplanting clay pebble and pearlite mix or maybe cell max

If any one knows where to get the root riots in bulk instead ov packs ov 24 and also do they have the larger transplanting 3-4 inch root riots i have only seen the smaller size

But any ways stealth sheeting and black and white reflective sheeting wooden frame prob 3x3.ill construct the frame the same size as the dripper system and have fans outside.

Envirolites screwed in the support posts will this be to close to the plants

and a defo 400 watt air cooled light at the top.
I want supplement lighting at the bottom thats why im thinking the envirolite. Plus low power with the envirolite and no ballast but u still need the timer contractor or ya timer burns out (yep find out the hard way).plus the red and blue bulbs is great i heard good things and want to try that out.

im thinking i put my 125fan with the 125 inline air cooled reflecter on a 400 watt light then have another fan for exhaust pulling 650m3 perhr and some intake holes.
desk top fan screwed to the wooden posts.

for humidity im going to try and keep the humidity down in the room im drawing the air from as there is going to be another similar grow room installed at a later date for a flower room and i have only 1 dehumide
So im going to keep the humidity and temp real low from the room im drawing the air from im considering co2 but would it be as effective working the same way as dehumidi