hey folks, figured i would put these pics up of the vbs and grape krush..buck had snapped some more pics and it had been awhile since i put any up soooo here is the VBS
all tied up here, she was our mom for our ebb n flo set up, shes catchin some side beams from the 600 and a lil from the 1k.
here she is all leaned over and smellin sooo sweet, everybody says it taste and smells more like blueberry than blackberry, but im like it taste like berry pot and it taste great..simple enough lol we like to pull her around 6.5 - 7 weeks, we found the taste is better and its very heady and nice then, we didnt like it as much after that, its cool cuz you can hit it and get a hella headrush like you stood up too fast. good herb and defenatley will be keepin her around awhile..gonna see if i can find some close up tric shots for ya and then for the grape krush